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Administrative Services

City Job Descriptions

Below you will find a list of City of Porterville job descriptions.  Click on the position title to view the job description. 

*Please note that these positions are not open for recruitment, unless they are listed on the 'Apply For a Job' page.

              Airport Services Coordinator
              City Manager                                                                                                                      Deputy City Manager
              Executive Assistant to the City Manager

Administrative Services
              Administrative Services Manager
              Chief Deputy City Clerk

              Deputy City Clerk
              Human Resources Aide
              Human Resources Assistant

Universal Classes
              Administrative Analyst I
              Administrative Analyst II
              Administrative Aide
              Clerical Assistant III
              Clerical Assistant Trainee I, II
              Administrative Assistant

Community Development
              Administrative Aide - Housing
              Development Assistant
              Development Associate
              Development Manager
              Director of Community Development

              Geographic Information System (GIS) Supervisor
              Geographic Information System (GIS) Technician

              Assistant Planner
              Associate Planner
              City Planner
              Planning Technician                                                                                                          Senior Planner                  

              Account Clerk I, II
              Account Clerk III

              Accountant I, II
              Administrative Aide-Payroll
              Director of Finance
Information Technology Analyst I
Information Technology Analyst II
              Management Information Systems Manager
              Meter Reader
              Purchasing Agent
              Utilities Billing Supervisor

              Code Enforcement Officer
              Fire Battalion Chief
              Fire Captain
              Fire Chief
              Fire Engineer
              Fire Lieutenant                                                                                                   

Parks and Leisure Services
              Director of Parks & Leisure Services
              Chief of Parks & Leisure Operations

              Leisure Services

              Leisure Services Specialist
              Leisure Services Coordinator
Leisure Services Superintendent
              Leisure Services Supervisor

              Adult Literacy Program Coordinator
              City Librarian
              Library Assistant
              Library Supervisor I
              Library Supervisor II

              Parks Maintenance Worker I, II
              Parks Maintenance Worker III
              Parks Superintendant
              Parks Supervisor

              Animal Shelter Supervisor
              Chief of Police
              Communications Dispatcher
              Community Services Officer
              Police Captain
              Police Lieutenant
              Police Officer
              Police Officer Trainee
              Police Sergeant
              Police Services Supervisor
              Property & Evidence Technician
              Records Clerk
              Senior Communications Dispatcher
              Senior Records Clerk
              Temporary Assignment- Police Detective

Public Works
              Public Works Director
              Assistant City Engineer
              Assistant Engineer
              Associate Engineer
              Building Inspector I, II 
              Building Permit Technician              
              Chief Building Inspector
              City Engineer
              Construction/Project Manager & Assistant
              Engineering Specialist I, II
              Engineering Specialist III
              Principal Civil Engineer
              Public Works Inspector I, II

              Field Services
              Assistant Field Services Manager
              Chemist I, II
              Electrician/Instrument Technician
              Field Services Manager
              Field Services Shop Superintendant
              Field Services Shop Supervisor
              Field Services Superintendant
              Field Services Supervisor
              Field Services Worker I, II
              Field Services Worker III
              Field Services Worker Trainee
              Industrial Waste Inspector I, II
              Laboratory Attendant
              Laboratory Superintendant
              Laboratory Supervisor
              Laboratory Technician I, II
              Laboratory Technician III
              Mechanic Assistant
              Mechanic I, II
              Wastewater Treatment Facility Operator II
              Wastewater Treatment Facility Operator III
              Wastewater Treatment Facility Operator Trainee, I
              Wastewater Utilities Superintendant
              Water Systems Specialist
              Water Utility Superintendant
              Water Utility Worker I, II
              Water Utility Worker III

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